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The HHL Group, Inc., Certified Public Accountant - CPA firm, is comprised of accounting professionals who understand the importance of this balance, and who have the ability to deliver value-added expert services. Our success is judged by long-lasting, mutually beneficial personal and professional relationships to our clients in Medina, Northeast Ohio and beyond.
Our resolve is to remain a locally owned, civic-minded, well-managed, profitable accounting and business consulting firm that is consistently growing and striving to improve our clients, management, employees and the community we serve.  We are located just one block south of the Historic Medina Square in Medina, Ohio and have the accountants and business consultants ready to meet your needs.

Just as an individual thrives when focused on balancing these three essential elements - Health.  Happiness.  Light - so, too, does a small business prosper when all of its essential components are working in harmony.   

Welcome to HHL.  Let us help bring your life or your business into balance! 

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